Professional and secure IT asset-disposal service to businesses

We refurbish donated computers and make them available for reuse whilst anything that cannot be reused is recycled. Our remit is to provide responsible procedures in line with WEEE Directive in January 2007. Our data erasing process meets the highest recognized standards in the UK, namely CESG.

The ROCK IT process ensures all equipment is recycled in as environmentally-responsible a method as possible. Working and usable equipment is repaired / refurbished as necessary, and is returned to a work environment.

Some Facts:

Estimated 160,000 tonnes of WEEE are disposed of via residual household waste collections, could have a resale value of up to £56 million

23% of all WEEE separately collected at HWRCs is immediately resalable or resalable following repair and refurbishment

WRAP estimates that almost a quarter of WEEE brought by householders to HWRCs across the UK has a reuse value

89,000 tonnes of WEEE estimated as disposed of in residual waste at HWRCs, suggested potential resale value of £28 million

Estimated maximum of £220 million in resale value

By pursuing opportunties for re-use, the UK could reduce its reliance on raw materials, including rare earths, by as much as 20% by 2020.

Other equipment is salvaged for working spares, the rest is recycled.

Valuable resources are despatched to specialist recycling operators, so that components containing iron and steel, lead, gold, silver, copper and the rest are recovered for re-use.

Only the minimum residue goes into landfill, with no toxins remaining, and all of the above complying with strict EU regulations regarding the proper treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment,


WEEE Regulations 2013

WRAP has shown that the material value of WEEE disposed of in the UK is more than
1.3 billion, equivalent to approximately £22/head of population.

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